Our Vision

Our goal is to ensure hospitals and other organisations are able to maximise their funding and rely on the data in their administrative systems, regardless of size or complexity.

Our Story

We started as a small group of people working in Health IT and Health Informatics who knew there had to be a better way than what is happening now.  Where dedicated staff are clamouring, sometimes weeks after the event, to ensure compliance with reporting requirements.  This sometimes means having to scan through medical records and backtrack out data to be re-input to get it right.

This seemed like a huge waste of time and money to us - and this has been confirmed by lots of people (and our own data!).

Meet the Team

These are only a couple of the people involved in this amazing journey.

Jodie Ryan

Jodie Ryan

Founder & CEO

Jodie Ryan started her working life as an Enrolled Nurse in Ipswich Qld. She started in IT in 1999 and in Health IT in November that year, commencing at what would become St Vincent's Health & Aged Care. She became the CIO in 2006 until leaving to become a consultant in 2014.

In 2012 Jodie completed her Masters of Business and Technology at the UNSW. She is a Prince 2 Certified Practitioner and an Australian Institute of Management Fellow. Jodie holds a strong belief in paying forward and back throughout her career and enjoys mentoring those around her to be the best they can be. She also has a passion for providing the highest level of assistance possible to small organisations who cannot justify the expense of an IT staff.


Arvid Taylor

Founder & Principal Developer

Arvid has over 42 years IT experience and is a keen data scientist who has worked in various industries.

Running his own Consulting business since 1997, he has designed and written Software providing drillable executive analysis on business planning and performance from a supply chain view as well as ErrorNet.

Arvid represented the Advanced Manufacturing Centre in the Hunter as well as the APICS Institute of Education and Research and is a Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society.

He has a deep interest in sustainability and equity both from a business and environmental viewpoint.

Future passions are to share with others the significance of meaningful endeavour in ethical businesses improving the environment and the business sustainably while sharing equity with the main stakeholders.

Next Steps...

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