Capture data errors at the source to ensure data is compliant for maximum funding.

ErrorNet improves the accuracy of an application by ensuring non-compliant data is captured, advising data entry person of the error and the correct options as per the rule set. 

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Why ErrorNet is Needed

All hospitals throughout Australia and many other countries, are required to submit various data sets to their state health departments.

ErrorNet is an application that will ensure the correctness of data in a hospitals Patient Administration System (PAS) within minutes of incorrect data being entered.

Saving hours of productive time fixing errors that should either be entered correctly in the first instance or fixed at the point of entry


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What's so Special

Automated capture of errors

Provide valid data rules to data entry person

Encourage the front end user to fix early

Escalated until fixed

Pre-configured out of the box - maintained  by ErrorNet

Does not require in-house skills to setup or maintain

Built in Australia, maintained in Australia

Works across multiple systems

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We are because ...

ErrorNet came about because our team has a long history of dealing with hospitals and their data.  So often we would be confronted with the frustration of Health Information Managers because of the time they wasted fixing others mistakes and knew there had to be a better way.

The things we mandated for our system to have were that it had to

  • be simple for the organisation
  • be kept up to date
  • not interrupt the workflow or block staff from completing their work
  • give excellent feedback to see how the organisation was making progress
  • make a sustainable difference
  • be priced so all size organisations can afford it
  • not place an additional overhead on resources

We are passionate and committed to helping hospitals get the maximum funding they can and to consistently be able to rely on the information from their Patient Administration systems.


Next Steps...

Please contact us to discuss how soon ErrorNet can make a difference to your organisation.